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From our showroom and denim lab in Amsterdam to selected stores around the world. Discover us in selected stores from New York to Moscow, from Antwerp to Zurich and Seoul! Are you a retailer interested in becoming an Amsterdenim reseller? Please contact us Are you looking for a store near you? See our Store Locator.


Soft and strong

Always sweater weather in Amsterdam. The ideal sweatshirt is like the ideal man: Soft and strong at the same time. 

Short sleeve sweatshirt SJINKIE

The ideal sweatshirt keeps you warm when you’re cold and never abandons you, no matter how often you wash it! Some people wonder what AMS | EST. 1275 means; AMS is the international code for Amsterdam, est.1275SJINKIE looks like a t-shirt but really is a sweatshirt, with short sleeves. The denim chest pocket shows where SJINKIE came from. All our sweatshirts, pullovers, knitwear, all our styles actually have names with a story. Sometimes these stories go deep, sometimes they’re more of an easy way to know which sweatshirt or pullover we’re talking about.


Gijsbrecht Van Amstel

The GIJSBRECHT 3D embossed sweatshirt was named after Gijsbrecht Van Amstel. The Amstel is the river where Amsterdam got het name from; Dam in Amstel became Amstelredamme which evolved in Amsterdam. DREE is more simple; it features three shoulder buttons; één, twee, DREE. JAN-KEES has been a popular theme in our Summer t-shirts so they were followed up by the PIET pinstripe pullovers in Winter, in off white and navy blue.


AAA Logo design

Our iconic Amsterdenim AOP (All Over Print) design is featured in many styles, in many different ways. Printed on sweatshirts, woven, lasered and also knitted. Look for the diamond shapes throughout our collections and you’ll notice more and more diamonds everywhere you look! Look at the PERSIJN and JOZIAS pullovers for example, one is heavy, the other lightweight, both of them are supersoft, durable and strong!




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