How to measure Jeans

If you're not sure what your jeans size is, you can easily find it by measuring a pair of jeans that fit well. Here's how to measure them: 


Lay the jeans flat on a table or the floor. Twist the waistband 1/3 of its width, so it looks like in this picture. Measure just below the waistband and double this measurement in CM to find the right size.


Lay the jeans flat on a table or the floor. Measure the inseam from crotch to bottom along the inseam. 

Measure in CMLength in "

Leg opening

Measure the bottom from side to side. Make sure you measure the entire width (not only from inseam to outseam). The leg opening depends on the fit, not the size of the jeans.



Example: Width measure = 41 cm x 2 = 82. See table, 82 cm translates to waist size 32"

Jeans sizes are in inches. One inch is 2,5 cm. Sizes are indicated as: 32/34 - the first number is the waist size, the second the length. Size 32/34 has a waist of 32 inches and a length of 34 inches.

How to fold your jeans

How to measure tops


The fullest part of your bust (keep measuring tape horizontal). Make sure to keep you arms down straight when measured on torso.


Another way to find your tops size is to measure your favourite t-shirt as shown. Double the measurement to find your size in the table below. 


Measure the back from neck to waist, or take one of your favourite tees to measure your desired length. 



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