A custom story by Amsterdenim, Tattoo Joris and Lieuwe 

You are looking at the story of the tiger. Often, after hearing the stories of customers, it became pretty clear that acquiring a customised Lieuwe board is pretty comparable to getting a tattoo. Mostly, it comes with a story: something that you are proud of, a unique memory, or a thing that symbolises something. And that is exactly what we have created with this board! This time, Lieuwe has partnered up with Amsterdenim and Tattoo Joris

Amsterdenim stands for freedom, creativity, diversity, and the power of a good story. At Lieuwe we share these values and we encourage riders to make new memories that turn into stories to be told. Tattoo Joris took these values to the next level when designing this new apparel collection and board artwork, whilst still maintaining his unique ‘tattoo’ style signature. Curious about all the designs... then we recommend you to take look at the collection here!

The Tiger

An animal that is such a beautiful and powerful creature has surely created its legacy over time. The tiger is broadly respected by many cultures, beliefs, mythologies, and native populations, but also carries symbolism for many things. You might already be familiar with the totems of the native Americans, or a tigers' role in the ceremonies of Indian natives. 

Here's how we have put this design into perspective! The tiger is regarded with awe for its beauty combined with the underlying fear for its massive power. It is an animal with solidarity; she's living in complete independence. Within its's fierceness look, she stands for strength, power, courage, and ambition. 

Having said that, we feel the resemblance of the winds getting more powerful. Those four words can, for some of us, symbolise what kitesurfing is and feels like. 

The power
The strength
The courage
The ambition

So what does a tiger mean to us? It urges you to remember your magnitude, to gather your strength and release your fears. 

The style

Tattoo Joris is a well-known creative for his traditional tattoo's: a style that signifies bold lines and bright colours. A style that is strikingly beautiful and timeless. As joris like to put it: "A tiger is a tiger, what’s better than a tiger? A tiger with a palm tree" 

The style is originally created by marines travelling to the east who became to tattoo each other to tell the stories of their times of travelling the world. 

As Joris & Co is an authentic and relentless identity, he became a good fit for Amsterdenim. This combination creates a rejection of the mainstream culture and an escape from the limitations in society. 


Year of the tiger

Not only does this design represent the above mentioned, but it stands in line with the Chinese new year: "The year of the Tiger".

Since February 1, 2022, we say goodbye to the year of the Ox and welcome the year of the Tiger. This year embodies courage & bravery, so the new year could symbolise resilience and strength, and the defeat of fears. Especially regarding the fears the pandemic has carried with it. It's time to drive out that evil! 

Content created by Israel Gil

Models: Lisa van Haaster, Binck van Beek