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Thank you for 1000 reviews with a 5-star rating! That's .. EXCELLENT!

As only 1 out of 20 online clients leave a trustpilot review and considering that we never rejected or filtered out any review, this is something we're really proud of and grateful for. This reminds us that our jeans are worn and appreciated by real people who appreciate the hard work of real people!

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Save the Date: April 15, Grand Closing Party at Dam Square
There are 3 ways to get on the guestlist:

❌️ Invite
❌️ Comment on instagram (10 spots)
❌️ Amsterdenim.com (10 spots)

On April 1st we announce the winners, most popular and most original comments win! From people who ordered online at the past 3 months we will draw another 10 winners, they will be notified via e-mail.

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Dear Friends,

We are sorry to say we're closing down our company. Although we are not out of business, we simply can not keep going in the way we want to. In order to survive, we need to keep growing. After 4 years with an average growth of 50% per year, we had 2 years of decline and consolidation. The covid crisis and government measures that came along with it caused a series of events that left us in a position where we are no longer able to grow without an extra investment ..

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A custom story by Amsterdenim, Tattoo Joris and Lieuwe  You are looking at the story of the tiger. Often, after hearing the stories of customers, it became pretty clear that acquiring a customised Lieuwe board is pretty comparable to getting...

Product of the Year

Our jeans are nominated for Product of the Year! You can help us win this award by casting your vote at MKB Amsterdam via this link:

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Thank you Denim Dutchie

Thank you Denim Dutchie for making us some nice barstools from our own denim! From a rugby club in Den Helder to our showroom in Amsterdam, a perfect example of how to Reuse the Blues!

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