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From our showroom and denim lab in Amsterdam to selected stores around the world. Discover us in selected stores from New York to Moscow, from Antwerp to Zurich and Seoul! Are you a retailer interested in becoming an Amsterdenim reseller? Please contact us Are you looking for a store near you? See our Store Locator.




Amsterdam is our inspiration and offers a blueprint for our collections

We named our denim fits after famous people from Amsterdam; JAN slim fit jeans, JOHAN tapered slim fit jeans, REMBRANDT regular straight fit selvedge jeans, KLAAS loose fit jeans, ALBERT also known as APPIE true tapered fit jeans and our latest addition is SJAAN slim fit jeans for women. As “Mokum” is short for Amsterdam, we named our Amsterdenim jeans short: MOKUM. We offer selvedge denim, dry denim or raw denim as well as special washes such as the “hand-tanned” REMBRANDT selvedge jeans. All our selvedge jeans are made with denim from 100% organic cotton and, in some cases, just a hint of stretch for comfort.


The Gentleman Rebel and love for beautiful rugged things and stories

The Gentleman Rebel can be the person who knows how to repair a motorcycle or the person who can afford one. We design our collections for people who share our love and passion for beautiful things that age well. We love to tell stories, often hidden in small details. Good stories have the power to touch people and to bring them together. Amsterdam has always been known as an important meeting point for people from all over the world. Our jeans feature three beltloops on the back, referring to the three crosses from the coat of Arms of Amsterdam. These three crosses can also be found on the buttons of our button-fly closures and on our rivets. The top button features a diamond which is the Amsterdenim logo made into a circle, as reference to Amsterdam as Diamond city.


The Golden Bend: Amsterdam as Blueprint for our backpocket signature

On the backpockets of all Amsterdenim jeans you can find a piece of the map of Amsterdam. It reflects the famous “Golden Bend” a part of the canal named Herengracht. The placement of this signature stitching is done according to the “Golden Ratio” which can be found in nature, architecture and many pieces of art. On top of this all; have a close look at both backpockets and you’ll see a smiley. When turning this subtle message of positivity and ambition upside down, one can even recognise a rainbow.


Romantic Renaissance; Spijkerkade, Spijkerbroek

The names of our jeans fits refer to famous people from Amsterdam, the names of the washes and colors are in Dutch as well. Romantic examples of these names are “Regenwolk” (rainy cloud), Diep water (deep water) and “Hemels Blauw” (heavenly blue). Funny coincidence is that our HQ is located at the Spijkerkade in Amsterdam Noord. The Dutch word for rivet or nail is “spijker” and the word for jeans: “spijkerbroek”. Just as in English, in Dutch “spijkerhard” is used as: “tough as nails” Amsterdenim – The Amsterdam Jeans Brand



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