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From our showroom and denim lab in Amsterdam to selected stores around the world. Discover us in selected stores from New York to Moscow, from Antwerp to Zurich and Seoul! Are you a retailer interested in becoming an Amsterdenim reseller? Please contact us Are you looking for a store near you? See our Store Locator.


Blue collar and white collar workers

Most of our shirts are made of denim, all of them with love and attention to detail. Staple in our shirts collection is the timeless DOUWE denim shirt, named after our Amsterdenim Ambassador Douwe Bob. The ideal denim shirt is durable and soft at the same time. Cut from a much lighter denim fabric than denim used for jeans.

There used to be two types of shirts; blue and white collar. Blue collar shirts for the working man, white collar for office workers and men in suits. Nowadays, there is nothing as versatile as a good shirt. Long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, longsleeve shirts with rolled up sleeves or more dressed, with cufflinks. Rugged denim shirts or lightweight shirts, we have the perfect fit for you.


Details are not details, they make the design

The DAPPER denim shirts are inspired by cowboy shirts, featuring corduroy shoulder patches. Since 2020 every Amsterdenim shirt comes with at least one special XXX rivet snapbutton, a small reference to our jeans rivets and lucky charm at the same time.


Crossover jackets, shirts and overshirts

Ever since college students in the USA started wearing checkered shirts casually over their t-shirts, often longsleeve shirts, the so-called “overshirt” became a thing. Also called “crossover jacket” or heavy shirt. An overshirt basically is a shirt with side pockets and often in a fabric just a little bit more heavy or sturdy than a regular shirt. A summer jacket looking like a shirt or a shirt, used as a jacket. As shirts traditionally don’t have zippers or side pockets, and jackets traditionally don’t look like shirts, we now call them overshirts.


Custom shirts, personalised details

Soon we will also offer severable customisation options for our shirts. Choose from different unique designs which you can have embroidered in virtually any color! This includes your initials, or the initials of the lucky person receiving such a custom shirt as a gift! Stay tuned.




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