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From our showroom and denim lab in Amsterdam to selected stores around the world. Discover us in selected stores from New York to Moscow, from Antwerp to Zurich and Seoul! Are you a retailer interested in becoming an Amsterdenim reseller? Please contact us Are you looking for a store near you? See our Store Locator.


Hidden treasures at special prices!

Our jeans are timeless and so are most of our tops. Here you can find unique pieces at reduced prices as they are no longer well assorted in size.

From Amsterdam to the world and back

In addition to odd sizes, you may also find an occasional set of samples in our outlet. These samples are either from items that never saw production or pieces that are just as good as production but are slightly different from what we eventually produced. If you’re lucky enough, you can find that one special item in your size or that one unique piece right here! Sometimes people return items, especially when ordering online. Wrong size, different color than expected or any other reason. In case there is nothing wrong with the item itself, when there is no damage or defect, we take it to the cleaners to offer it here as refurbished sale item!


Sustainability; Re-use, recycle, repair

Sustainable production is rapidly becoming the new standard, which of course is great. Step two in the process of fashion becoming more sustainable may even be more important as two-third of pollution in the fashion industry comes from usage, not production! This means buying lots of clothing only to throw it away after a few wears as well as washing clothes too often. We would like to encourage you to Buy Less, Buy Better and to repair clothing instead of discarding it. If it’s not worth repairing it was not worth purchasing in the first place. We believe that anything made with love and care will be more likely to be treated with care and will be loved by the person it was made for!



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