Dear Friends,

We are sorry to say we're closing down our company. Although we are not out of business, we simply can not keep going in the way we want to. In order to survive, we need to keep growing. After 4 years with an average growth of 50% per year, we had 2 years of decline and consolidation. The covid crisis and government measures that came along with it caused a series of events that left us in a position where we are no longer able to grow without an extra investment. In March 2020 our investors became hesitant as we entered a situation never seen before. Many of our retail clients were forced to cancel their orders with us and when we were able to supply again, many of them had issues paying for the goods. We lost several good clients and goods in bankruptcies. These losses were difficult to cope with as we never had much reserves, being a start-up company funded with our own money. After this came the price increases and delays from our suppliers, caused by lockdown measures and the disruption of the global supply chain.

We shifted our focus from wholesale to retail stores to our webshop and invested lots of money, time and energy in this. Near the end of 2020 we were happy to still be “alive” and there were signs the pandemic would be over soon. Looking back at it, the second lockdown in The Netherlands is what hit us the hardest. Nevertheless, we managed to stay afloat for another year, despite no longer being able to bring nor present full collections or show them at trade shows as they were all cancelled.

Now that things are finally opening up again, we would love to pick up where we left but in order to start growing again we need an investment which we did not manage to get in time. We are proud to have always worked without banks or any other form of external debt. We are not putting our burden on any one’s shoulders but our own.

We see our brand as a beautiful car now unfortunately running on empty. Instead of borrowing more money for gas, instead of crashing this car, we decided to park it on the side of the road and put it in a garage somewhere. Perhaps one day we could take it out again and continue our blue journey. We would like to thank you all for your support and hope to meet again in better times!
We have three more things in store:

X            Closeout sale March 2-27, use code: DEMAZZEL
X            Sample Sale March 18, 19 Spijkerkade 11
X            Goodbye party on April 15th (GOODbye FRIDAY)

More details coming soon. Last but not least, we will be at Denim Days Festival April 22 and 23 together with IF Denim with a limited range of upcycled goodies made with Amsterdenim Jeans.
From Amsterdam with Love, Team Amsterdenim XXX